A study of Self Esteem of Physically Disadvantaged Students: A Comparative Analysis of Demographic variations


  • Dr. Quratul Ain Hina,Ms. Uzma Mazhar


Self Esteem, Physically disadvantaged and Physical Education


The current research addresses the area of physical and special education side by side. The research was designed with four major objectives. The major objective was to assess self-esteem level of the students with physical disabilities. Further it was aimed at
comparison of self esteem on the basis of the physical disability, gender and grades/age. The researcher followed comparative survey-based research design to conduct the research. The population of the study consisted of 193 physically disadvantaged students studying in 08 special schools of Islamabad. 124 physically disable students contributed as sample. The tool for data collection was adopted from the work of Rosenberg (1965) and revised by Baumeister, Campbell, Krueger and Vohs (2003) was used as a research instrument. The results revealed that nearly all the students were at average level of self esteem. Statistically significant difference was found on the basis of physical disability in self esteem level of students. Students with low IQ level exhibited lowest level of self esteem in comparison to other types of physical disabilities. However, no significant
difference was found in self-esteem of the students on the basis of gender. Further on the basis of grade/age there was a significant difference, the students of grade 9th were better in comparison to the students of grade 10th . Thus, it was recommended that physical activities like games and sports may be the compulsory part of school time. Daily 1 – 2 hours need to be allocated for the physical activities, because the physically-challenged students need such activities more than normal children. Role playing and simulations may also be arranged for students at schools, so that physically disable students may learn to interact with each other in a positive way. The interaction would help them to increase their self-confidenc




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