Inclusive Education in Punjab: Challenges and Way Forward

Ibtasam Thakur, Fazal Abbas


  • EditorJIE


Inclusive education, government of Punjab, special education, challenges


The study was carried out to explore (i) the challenges faced by Punjab
Government in implementing Inclusive Education; (ii) to what extent
Punjab Government has been successful in bringing parity in education
system by employing inclusive education. Relevant literature and articles
of renowned scholars were studied. Structured interviews with inclusive
education experts and concerned professionals were carried out. Result
reveals that a number of initiatives were taken by Punjab Government
but challenges are proportionately much grave hindering its effective
implementation. It is recommended that the Department of Special
Education should upscale its implementing strategy and advocacy needs
in line with the provisions of the national education policy so as to
develop a road map for bringing inclusive education into the education
system. Required instructional material should be provided within the
schools. If schools are not equipped with requisite material, teachers
would not be able to perform their duty properly. A meaningful
coordination between general and special education can bring positive
results in terms of planning and implementing inclusive education in a
time bound strategic framework. General and Special education
Departments need to have to actively undertake a joint review of the
current curriculum and collaborate with relevant university departments
in this arduous task.




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