Influence of Family Economic Status on Education and Health of Special Children in Islamabad

Lubna Faraz, Hina Noor, Qaisara Parveen


  • Hina Noor


children with disabilities, socio economic status, academic achievement, health status


The study was conducted to find out the economic status of the parents of
special children residing in Islamabad and its influence on their health and
academic condition. The population of the study comprised the children
with special needs studying in grade 1-10 in 4 model government special
education institutions in Islamabad. The sample of 10 special children
from each grade was randomly selected. A questionnaire was developed
for classifying the parents with special children into poor, middle class and
well off. The questionnaire was developed for teachers to obtain
information regarding academic status of the special children. The medical
case history forms and the observation checklist were used to assess the
health condition of the sample. The data collected through the
questionnaire were tabulated and analyzed using descriptive and
inferential statistics via SPSS. A strong correlation was obtained between
socioeconomic status and health conditions as well as academic status of
these children. Multiple comparison analysis revealed the significant
difference in academic status of the children belonging to very poor and
the high income group. But no significant difference was found between
health conditions of the




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