Assessment Practices of Practicum Supervisors


  • Samina Naseem, Anam Iqbal, Shafia Azam



Practicum supervisors; assessment practices; student teachers; National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan


Assessment, undoubtedly, plays a significant role, not only in helping
students learn but also in improving instruction. Using assessment
practices mentioned in the National Professional Standards for Teachers
in Pakistan (2009) as an analytical framework, this qualitative study
documented the assessment practices of practicum supervisors from three
major teacher preparation programs (TPPs) in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Faculty members who had served practicum twice and student teachers
from the VIII semester were the participants. The main data sources -
interviews and focused group discussion, were transcribed verbatim and
coded using provisional themes. The analysis revealed that practicum
supervisors from the three TPPs were not following NPSTP as a guide to
assess student teachers’ (STs) teaching. This study underscores the role of
practicum supervisors in improving learning experiences for STs during
practicum and identifies the current assessment practices to suggest
focusing on all the aspects i.e., lesson planning, management, assessment,
and teaching, and should use the NPSTP’s assessment rubric for STs
assessment to make practicum more beneficial and productive.




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