Investigating the Effects of Storytelling Method on Students’ Memory at Primary Level in (KPK)


  • Fehmina Anjum



Storytelling method, cognitive and behavioral methods, Elementary Level.


Methodology bears very concrete role-in the-teaching learning-process
to convey any learning material, psychologists and educationists have
recommended both cognitive and behavioral methods in this regard.
Storytelling method is one of these methods being applied in the
classroom teaching. Storytelling involves two-way encounters between
a storyteller and one or more listeners. The answers of the listeners affect
the plot. In reality, storytelling arises from the engagement and mutual,
organized efforts of the storyteller and the audience. This study was
aimed at investigating the method of increasing the memory of students
of class 4th in the subject of English. Objectives of the study were: (i) to
analyze the effectiveness of storytelling method of teaching, (ii) to find
out the impact of storytelling method on the memory increase of
students, (iii) to explore the motivational effects of storytelling method
on students, (iv) to investigate the effects of storytelling method on
reading fluency of students. The study population was all girls in
Nowshera district primary schools. As a sample of the report, 40 grade 4
students from a Government Girls Primary School were taken. These
students were divided into two classes, which were experimental and
controlled by random pair sampling on the basis of pre-test and post-test.
Pre-test and post-test were used as analysis tools; the data obtained was
tabulated and analyzed using t-test and percentage in the light of the
study objectives. The analysis of the collected data revealed the
following findings. It was concluded from the results that Storytelling
method had significant effect on students’ achievement and the learner
took interest in the learning. The result of the study showed that
storytelling method had significant impact on memory increase of
students. Hence it is recommended that teachers may teach elementary
subjects through storytelling methods and Government should arrange
teacher’s refresher course for storytelling method. It is recommended that teachers should adopt the storytelling method while teaching at
elementary level. It was concluded that storytelling method had
significance motivational effect on students.




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