A Comprehensive Examination of Parental Involvement in Children's Education Considering the Influence of Parental Educational Levels


  • Jalal Deen Careemdeen




Parental Involvement, Parental Education, Learning, School children


This research paper aimed to investigate the dynamics of parental involvement in Sri Lanka's secondary school students,
emphasising the nuanced influence of parental educational levels, the study comprehensively examined the multifaceted
aspects of parental participation, considering academic, social, and emotional dimensions in the development of secondary
school children. The diverse educational landscape of Sri Lanka, characterised by urban and rural schools, varying resource
allocations, and a spectrum of parental educational backgrounds, serves as a rich backdrop for exploration. The study recognised
the potential impact of socioeconomic factors on parental attitudes, expectations, and engagement in children's Education.
The research aims explicitly to unravel patterns, challenges, and opportunities that can inform informed policy decisions and
targeted interventions by focusing on parental educational levels. The methodology section details a survey-based
quantitative approach. The population of the study is secondary school children in Sri Lanka, involving a representative sample
of 1350 secondary school students. Rigorous measures, including a Likert Scale and follwed by Two-Way MANOVA,
were employed to analyse parental involvement based on mothers' and fathers’ highest educational levels. The findings
reveal significant variations in parental participation based on maternal academic levels, aligning with existing literature.
Interestingly, while no significant differences were found based on paternal education levels, a nuanced analysis uncovered
substantial variations among students with fathers possessing different educational backgrounds. The conclusion emphasises
the complexity of the relationship between parental Education and involvement, aligning with social capital theory. The study
advocates for tailored interventions, considering the unique contributions of both mothers and fathers, to foster inclusive and
effective strategies for promoting parental engagement in student learning.


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Jalal Deen Careemdeen. (2024). A Comprehensive Examination of Parental Involvement in Children’s Education Considering the Influence of Parental Educational Levels. PJE, 40(2). https://doi.org/10.30971/pje.v40i2.1770