Submission Policy

Terms and Conditions for Publishing the Articles in Journal of Arabic research (مجلة البحث العربي)Editorial Policy 

  • Journal of Arabic Research is an exclusive Arabic Language and Literature Journal which pertains to the valued Arabic articles from known scholars.
  • It will be Annual Journal published once in year.
  • The articles will be adjudged by two approved experts one within the country and one foreigner.
  • Regarding the publication, all rules and regulations of HEC will be applicable.
  • The editorial Board of Journal holds the sole authority regarding any decision.
  • The Board will have the right to amend, cancel or summarize the sent article. The editor will inform the authors about opinions of the experts regarding any change.
  • It is not necessary that the Board should agree with the writer’s opinions. The responsibility of articles will only lie on the authors and not on AIOU or Editorial Board.
  • Once received, the article will not be returned whether it is published or not.
  • Two copies of Journal would be given to each participant.