Effect of Problem-Solving Teaching Method on Improvement of Higher Order Thinking Skills of Early Childhood Teachers in Mathematics


  • Sheikh Tariq Mehmood




Problem Solving Method, Higher order thinking, Early childhood level teachers


Mathematics subject is known as the queen of all subjects. In
Pakistan it is taught as a compulsory subject from class one to secondary
level but it is also considered the uninterested subject for the students.
There are many reasons but the major one is the teaching method of the
teacher. This study was intended to find Problem Solving Teaching
Method having effect on the improvement of HOTs among Prospective
teachers at early childhood level who learn Mathematics at the University
level. The major objectives of the present study were; to find out the effect
of the Problem Solving Teaching Method on element of conceptual
knowledge sub level analysis, evaluating and creating. This study was true
experimental double control group. The sample of this study consisted of
75 Prospective teachers from department of Education, International
Islamic University Islamabad. The students were from BS Education
group of fifth semester, for the collection of data course contents of
mathematics including theoretical geometry, practical geometry and word
problem of BS Education of the 5th semester were selected. Data were
analyzed by using Pre-test, post-test, Levene test, ANOVA, Post Hock
analysis, mean and standard deviation. The major finding showed that the
achievement scores of per-test and post-test of experimental group were
significant. The achievement scores of both control groups-I and II showed
non-significant difference. The difference between the achievement scores
of control group-I and II were same to some extent. The major conclusion
of the study was that problem solving method of teaching developed the
higher order thinking skills among the prospective teachers as compete to
conventional method, so this method may be added in professional training
of mathematics science teachers.


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