Effects of Violence Shown in Media on Children: A Study of Parent’s Perspective


  • Abid Zafar, Umar Ghazanfar Chaudhary




: violence, media, effects, children


Violence mediated programs play a decisive role in cultivating vicious
attitudes among children which are damaging the actions of children and
their ways of life. This research was designed to investigate the effects of
the violent contents shown on media in changing the children’s attitudes.
The Researchers applied survey method by quantitatively analyzing the
respondent’s views about their children’s habits of watching television
and playing video games on computer by using Likert scale for getting
an in-depth understanding of behavioral changing which are caused by
violent based contents in media. Cultivation theory was applied for
recognizing the effects of violent based TV contents on children by using
bobo doll experiment. The population of the study was the mothers of
those children between 4-12 years from district Gujrat. Total 100
mothers were selected as a sample by using stratified random sampling
technique. The strata were made based on the status of women where
half of the women were selected as the house wives and half of them
were selected as working women. The results of this study show that the
aggressive and violent based contents on television and video games
have extremely negative effects on the attitudes of the children.


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Abid Zafar, Umar Ghazanfar Chaudhary. (2023). Effects of Violence Shown in Media on Children: A Study of Parent’s Perspective. JECCE, 2. https://doi.org/10.30971/jecce.v2i.499