Review Process

All research articles in the journal will undergo rigorous peer-review, based on initial editorial consideration, anonymous refereeing by two referees and further editorial scrutiny. All book reviews and theses abstracts will undergo editorial screening as well. In the review processes, the following line of action will be followed upon acceptance of a manuscript:

  1. The Editor, in consultation with other Editor(s), will determine if the manuscript is appropriate for the journal;
  2. The Editor will remove all identification information of the authors & distribute the manuscript to two scholars who are experts in the field i.e. “referees” or “reviewers” with a reviewing Performa;
  3. The reviewers will return the manuscript and Performa within four to six weeks to the Editor. Referees’ evaluations would include an explicit recommendation of what to do with the manuscript such as:
    • Unconditionally accepted,
    • Accepted with the condition that the authors improve it in certain ways,
    • Rejected with invitation of re-submission after major revision,
    • Totally rejected.
  4. The Editor will then forward the decision, along with the comments from reviewers to the authors by e-mail for revision before final acceptance.
  5. Article would be accepted or rejected on the recommendations of expert reviewers.

Processing Time:
The processing time from the date of submission of the original manuscript by the author to the date of acceptance by the Editorial Board would usually be between 45-90 days