Areas of Interest

Overall, Journal of Seerat Studies will focus on the subject of Sirah of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and all its aspects and branches. Only articles related to Sirah subject will be published in the the journal. Main areas of interest are:

  • Historical Study of Sirah.
  • Biographical Study of Sirah.
  • Study & Review of Literature of Sirah.
  • Study of Contemporary Issues in Sirah Perspective.
  • Solution of the Challenges of Modern Age in prophetic teachings.
  • Jurisprudence of Sirah.
  • Applied Aspects of Biography of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
  • Study of Modern approaches in Teaching of Sirah as a subject.
  • Review & Analysis of Sirah Curriculum adopted by Institutions.

These are the main areas of interest but not limited to. Articles from other than the above-mentioned fields are welcome if they come under the domain of Sirah.