Article Submission

Understanding the paper publishing process might be crucial for many new authors. We received emails from many authors asking for the process of publishing a research paper. This paper publishing process post might be helpful for many authors seeking to submit their research work in Scholarly Journals by adhering publication ethics.

Have original research work of current interest. Scholars should focus on high-quality research to enable advancement in the field. An extensive literature review will be helpful in finding the current challenges in the field.

Please read the aims & scope and areas of interest pages carefully. This is the time when the author requires to find all detail and policy of the journal including copyright, authorship, submission policy, and publication charges.

Format manuscript according to the author guideline. While you are writing up your findings, come up with what you believe are unique hypotheses, base your work on robust data, and use an appropriate research methodology. Provide theoretical insight and share theoretical and practical implications for your work.

Submit your manuscript online through the OJS system and add complete detail in the online submission system. Do not submit the manuscript to more than one journal at the same time. After the editorial screening, the peer-reviewing process will be initiated for a well-formatted manuscript within the scope of the journal. Keep patience and wait for a reply from the editor during the review process which may take couple of weeks. If you receive reviewers’ recommendations then revise manuscript as per reviewer’s recommendation, comment and resubmit. Journal Team will process for further steps like proofreading, corrections, and editorial editing. After completing editorial processes, the journal will be published as per schedule.