Relationship Among Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Resilience in University Students


  • Fauzia Malik, Saima Sajjad



happiness, life satisfaction, resilience.


The present study seeks to explain the interactive and relative effects
of happiness, life satisfaction and resilience among university students in
Pakistan. Basic objective of this research was to find out the relationship
between happiness, life satisfaction and resilience, further to investigate
the level of resilience, happiness and life satisfaction among male and
female students. Disproportionate stratified sampling technique was used
to select 400 university students (male=200, female=200) from the
universities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The study was conducted in
two phases. In phase-I pilot study was conducted and in phase-II main
study was administered. The data for the study was collected through
stratified random sampling technique and three reliable instrument used
were; Oxford Happiness Scale (1990), Life satisfaction scale (1985) and
Resilience Scale (1993). Data was analyzed using statistical techniques
like Pearson correlation; Independent sample t-test was used. Results of
the study indicated a significant inverse relationship between the
variables of resilience and happiness (r=-.472**) where female students
were happier than male students (M + SD= 109.8442 + 15.45855) and a
significant inverse relationship between life satisfaction and resilience
) among male and female university students. The results also
indicated that females are more satisfied with life than males (M + SD=
23.3810 + 5.64858). It was also found that there were significant gender
differences in university student’s scores on resilience scale (M + SD=
79.4201 + 26.55817). Males were found to be more resilient than
females. The findings of the present study have implications for students’
counseling, awareness and therapy. It was recommended that the training
of the students should also be done so that they deal with life events and
circumstances effectively while maintaining their psychological health.


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