About JSE

Journal of Science Education (JSE) identifies and bridges the gap between research and practice in the domain of science education. It is a double blind biannual peer reviewed journal. It provides ideas, information, and opinion regarding trends, issues and problems in science education. The special emphasis of JSE is to promote applicable research related to educational practices to teach science at elementary, secondary, higher secondary and higher educational level.

The JSE covers following themes but not limited to: Standard- based science curricula Context-based science curricula Scientific Literacy Attitudes towards science Scientific attitude Informal Science learning Assessment in science education Innovations in practical work Professional development of science teachers Technology for science learning Innovative teaching methodologies Problems of learning science Equity issues in science education Philosophical perspectives of science education Psychological impact of learning science Developments in science education Science education for sustainable development Science education and under-represented groups Nature of science Trends in science education Science education and learning difficulties Quality issues in science education Developments in science education Learning environments for science learning Guidance and counseling in science education Science education and socio-economic developments Science education and society Plans, policies and funding in science education