Call for Papers

Scholarly Articles are required for Vol (5), Issue (1) 2023

The JSE covers the following themes but is not limited to:

  • Science Teaching during the pandemic
  • Science is Learning during the pandemic
  • Science Curricula of “Single National Curriculum”
  • Standard-Based Science Curricula
  • Context-Based Science Curricula
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Attitude Towards Science
  • Scientific Attitude
  • Informal Science Learning
  • Assessment in Science Education
  • Innovations in Practical Work
  • Professional Development of Science Teachers
  • Technology for Science Learning
  • Innovative Teaching Methodologies
  • Problems of Learning Science
  • Equity Issues in Science Education
  • Philosophical Perspectives of Science Education
  • Psychological Impact of Learning Science
  • Developments in Science Education
  • Science Education for Sustainable Development
  • Science Education and Under-Represented Groups
  • Nature of Science
  • Trends in Science Education
  • Science Education and Learning Difficulties
  • Quality Issues in Science Education
  • Developments in Science Education
  • Learning Environments for Science Learning
  • Guidance and Counseling in Science Education
  • Science Education and Socio-Economic Developments
  • Science Education and Society
  • Plans, Policies, and Funding in Science Education

The last date to submit the article/s is 30th January, 2023.