About the Journal

A referred research journal published by the department of Quran &Tafseer, Faculty of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. Deals with contemporary and new issues from the Islamic perspective. Its contents cover most of the disciplines of Islamic Studies: such as, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic Thought, History & Culture, Economics, Contemporary Islamic Books and fatwas reviews, and comments on the academic issues.
Ma’arif-e-Islami is a biannual journal dedicated to providing analysis and commentary on issues related to various aspects of Islamic thought. This Journal brings together many of today’s most innovative and distinguished thinkers, making their research and commentaries available not just to specialists but to a wider audience of globally concerned readers in three Languages. Ma’arif-e-Islami is an interdisciplinary journal of peer-reviewed research and informed opinion on the various issues of Islamic Studies. This research Journal covers all areas of Islamic Studies and enjoys a good international reputation among scholarly Journals in Urdu, English & Arabic Languages. From Time to time the Journal has brought out special issues on different themes. The land mark publications have been received well by both scholars and general readers. The contributors to Ma’arif-e-Islami include some of the most eminent scholars and thinkers of South Asia. Its audience includes scholars, practitioners, religious leaders, policy makers, journalists, and general readers. Intellectually rigorous yet accessible and practical, Ma’arif-e-Islami provides an influential outlet for original scholarship in the Islamic social sciences, law, and humanities, as well as a lively forum for commentary from Islamic perspectives. Research Articles published in this journal are mandatory including end notes and bibliographies of works cited and have undergone initial editorial screening, anonymous peer review and further editorial review. Readers are encouraged to comment on research articles and essays from recent previous issues, in no more than 500 words and If the comments are published, the author of the original article/essay will be given an opportunity to publish a response.