slamic punishment of death as Qisas and its Execution in Pakistan


  • Ishfaq Ahmad Ph.D Research Scholar , Department of Law, International Islamic University, Islamabad


Underlying concept of punishment of qisas in Islam is to punish a miscreant in the same manner by which he inflicted death or injury to the victim of offence. Although under the process of Islamization of laws in Pakistan punishment of death as qisas was added into the law, in the year 1990, for the offence of qatl-i-amd but law is silent on the mode of its execution. In a few premeditated murder cases punishment of qisas is awarded by courts but it serves no useful purpose when execution thereof knows no other mode except hanging convict by neck till he dies. This research paper briefly discusses some aspects of the qisas and diyat law of Pakistan and suggests that the law relating to the execution of death punishment of qatl-i-amd awarded as qisas must be amended and brought in conformity with the injunctions of Islam.




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