Justice as a Leadership Quality: An analysis in the Light of Imam Ghazzālī’s thought


  • Dr. Syeda Mehmoona Khushbakht Research Scholar at Institute on Culture, Religion & World Affairs, Boston University, USA
  • Dr. Munazza Sultana ssistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad


Leadership, Justice, Imam Ghazzālī, Islamic Law


Moral and ethical teachings always play an important role in organization of institutions and their leaderships. Based on the current times, ethical virtues in context of leadership are very much popular in scholars for discussion. Considering the Justice, leadership and its impact on major institutions, Imam Ghazzālī’s Islamic ethical thought has led to an important contribution in Islamic moral systems. In this respect, the present research aims at analyzing the moral value of justice and its importance in building an effective leadership in societies. The present research also focuses on how the distinct feature of Justice, particularly present in Islamic teaching can significantly affect leadership and their principles in current times. Through an analysis of Imam Ghazzālī’s thought on ethical values specifically justice, the researcher examines the ways in which the indulgence of unethical activities and practices can be damaging and leads towards the fall and destruction of any society. The study seeks to argue how Imam Ghazzālī detaches secular thought and uphold religious thought while constructing his leadership related approach. The present research also focuses on benefits of combining Justice and leadership in context of worldly and hereafter reward. The paper will conclude by analyzing the important insights to counter biased, corrupt, and unethical activities while limiting themselves into moral values, cultural construction, and religious limitations. The result of the study will be offering valuable critical tools in studying the leadership and moral values underneath the constructive ‘Divine Law’.




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Dr. Syeda Mehmoona Khushbakht, & Dr. Munazza Sultana. (2022). Justice as a Leadership Quality: An analysis in the Light of Imam Ghazzālī’s thought. MEI, 21(02). Retrieved from https://ojs.aiou.edu.pk/index.php/jmi/article/view/75