Status and role of women in Islamic Society


  • Dr Ali Muhammad Bhat Department of Islamic Studies,Islamic University of Science and Technology,Awantipora, India


Women. Role, Status, Islam, Feminism


In contemporary era, Muslim world is witnessing thought crisis in all aspects of life. In this regard Muslim scholarship is witnessing challenges in relation to status and role of women in the Islamic society. The diminished status and role of women as per Islamic teachings, is outcome of either direct bearing of their so called male dominated social setup or through illogical criticism about the status of women in Islam. The way Muslim women are viewed in the world is a significant issue which needs to be re-joined. In different societies, women are viewed in terms of their needs. Her existence is used as an adornment of the market as poster sign and honor less as smudged. In this article an endeavor is made to acme, the position, Islam gave her is most unique a better template for her social character and a program to work as a dignified soul which has increased her honor and chastity.




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