Development and Validation of Journalists’ Civic Engagement Scale


  • Mehmood Ahmed, Dr. Zahid Yousa


Scale development, scale validation, civic engagement, and journalists.


Civic engagement is among some most demanded skills of the decade for all professionals and there are some measures for assessing civic engagement among individuals. However, a valid measure for assessing journalist’s civic engagement is still missing in the literature. Therefore, the effort has been made to develop journalist’s civic engagement scale. Owing to the purpose, 22 items was initially constructed based on seven point Likert scale. The items were reduced to 16 after CVR estimated based on judgment of fourteen experts. The retained items were administered on 182 working journalists. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was employed for construct validation of the scale and it results in one factor solution with 09 items. The item loads were above 0.60. Alpha reliability of the scale was estimated at 0.927. Model fit indicators such as SRMR, RMSEA, RMR, CFI, NFI, AGFI, and specifically CMIN/df were found satisfactory. The journalist’s civic engagement scale is ready and available for use.