Threats of Hybrid Warfare in the Age of Cyber Space and Digital Media: New Intimidations to Peace and Security in Pakistan


  • Dr. Malik Adnan, Syed Yousaf Raza, Maham Shams


Digital Media, Technology, Cyber Space, Hybrid Warfare, Cyber Security, Pakistan


The case study of Pakistan was used to analyze the employment of media technology as a tool of hybrid warfare. There is a need to define new concepts of security and intimidation in order to meet the changing requirement for security. Cyberspace is
closely related to cyber security, which is used by state and non-state actors as an effective means of hybrid warfare. The current issues being faced by government officials and security departments of Pakistan in the area of hybrid warfare were the subject of the study. The hybrid war has become a topic of debate among digital media professionals, political experts, technology specialists, security authorities and policy makers. The study concludes by justifying the need to protect cyberspace from exploitation by many participants after highlighting key findings to substantiate cyber space security requirements. In the age of digital media and cyberspace, the changing aspects of hybrid warfare are unique to Pakistan. The inventive tools are needed to counter the evolving challenges in hybrid warfare and have to derive an approximate to safeguard the imminent intimidations.