World Wide Web and Current Scenario of Internet among Pakistani Youth in Information Communication and its Impacts on Cultural Values


  • Dr. Ghulam Safdar


World Wide Web, Internet, Information Communication, Pakistani Youth, Cultural Values.


Internet is combination of millions of computer based devices connected across the globe. Due to development of term internet, make space for online publishing named World Wide Web (WWW). Such facility of widespread medium enable people to link their
devices to internet and read, write, upload and download every kind of material supported by hardware and software. Due to interconnection of devices and WWW facility has make social communication more easily and fast. Researcher discussed some
elements of social communication that has become possible due to current scenario of internet and facility of WWW and its impact on cultural values. The study targeted students of university of Punjab Pakistan including male and female. A sample size of 585 respondents was taken from highest student statistical rate university using multi-level sample technique. The study focused how they think about internet as medium of cultural information like fashion trends, dressing styles, physical appearance, customs and use of language in their lives. The study concluded that internet has captured almost all aspects of lives of university students. Assumed hypothesis proved that students looked inspired towards new fashion trends, dressing style, physical appearance, social interaction and frequently user of foreign languages.



2023-05-02 — Updated on 2023-05-02