IRPLL Formal Movements of Neologism in Pashto Language

Sharif Khan


  • abdullah jan


Neologism, engrossed,linguistic, rendered, literature


The scholar in this article has shed scholastic light on movements of Neologism
formally taken shape in Pashto literature. Though, the roots have been
academically drawn-out to the early signs, but specifically engrossed emphasis on
formal initiation of Neolgism efforts through systematic approach. In this way,
Amir She Ali Khan is dubbed by the linguistics as the first Amir to have launched
endeavours on official level to cope with this linguistic phenomena. He
established ways and means for this purpose and supervised the efforts to
logically deal with this confronting challenge. Apart from Amir’s efforts, the
Alamu Academ Kabul, Pashto Academy Peshawar, and the contribution of Abdul
Samad Khan Achakzai and Dr. Majawar Ahmed Ziyar have played incomparable
role in this direction. The researcher has strived critically to bring forth all those
efforts rendered for neologism movements in Pashto literatur




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