Author Guidelines

Submission of a research or review article implies that it has not been previously published, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere & its publication has been approved by all co-authors (if any).

Acceptance of the article will also imply assignment of copyright by its author(s) to “Pakistani Zuban-o-Adab. Authors may use their own material in other publications provided that “Pakistani Zuban-o-Adab” is acknowledged as the original place of its publication. If using copyrighted material (quotations, tables, illustrations, etc.), the author is responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder.

Authors should prepare manuscripts as follows:

  • Authors should submit their manuscripts online as an email attachment to the Editor. The electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times.
  • All submissions should be in MS-Word and In-page.
  • Submissions should include an abstract of no more than 150 words at the beginning of each manuscript highlighting the scope, methodology, and conclusions of the paper.
  • When a bibliographical reference is cited for the first time, complete information about name of the author, full title of book or article, place, year of publication & page reference should be provided. For subsequent citations of the same source, the author’s last name should appear with an abbreviated form of the title as well as the relevant page(s). Article references should be numbered consecutively throughout and appear as footnotes. Cited unpublished material should have full location reference.

Include a cover sheet with the full name of author(s), current professional affiliation, highest degree, mailing address, phone/fax number(s) including country codes, and current e-mail address along with a five-sentence biography.