Politics on Facebook: Consumption Patterns and Perception Analysis of Students


  • Maryam Tahira Gondal, Dr. Abdul Basit Mujahid


Politics on Facebook, Attitudinal Change and Facebook, Facebook usage in Pakistan, University students and Facebook, Perception about political attitudes through social medi


This study explores the extent of exposure and consumption of political contents on Facebook and its possible connection with attitudinal change in political perspectives of young university students at graduate and post graduate level in Pakistan. Variables of the study were Level of Education (Graduate and Post Graduate) and Gender (Male and Female). The major concepts around which the study revolves are Facebook timeline contents, Exposure to political posts/messages, Extent of Sharing the political contents and Changes in political perception, resulting into possible change in political beliefs and attitudes as perceived by the users. A random sample of 800n was drawn from two universities, from different regions of Pakistan. The findings of the study brought into the knowledge that young university students of different educational levels are heavy consumers of political contents on Facebook and they are of the view that this frequent exposure helps develop or change their political
awareness, beliefs and attitudes. Politicians and propagandists are utilizing new media technologies and social media not only for their general political communication but also for mobilization, motivation, propaganda and revolutionary movements.