An Overview of Lexical Collocations in Urdu: A Case of Majeed Amjad’s Poetry


  • Azhar Pervaiz, Faheem Arshad, Kayanat KhudaDad


Urdu collocations, vocabulary, inventory, Lexical collocations, Majeed Amjad, poetry


The Present study investigates the use of collocations in Urdu poetry which
is full of such expressions like idioms and collocations. Majeed Amjad is one
of the most important Urdu poets of the present times who uses the
collocations in the best possible manner to enhance the poetical effect in his
poems. In this study, thirty-two poems were randomly selected from his
Kulliat-e-Majeed, and seventy-five collocations were selected from the
selected poems. Although, there are two types of collocations, yet the present
study has critically evaluated only the lexical collocation used in the poems.
Benson et. al. (1997) model has been employed to reveal the lexical category
of each collocation whereas in an order to explain the social and cultural
inclinations reflected in the collocations are evaluated by keeping in view
the assumptions given by Telia et. al., (1994). Moreover, the poems with
collocational titles were also selected and written with meanings, thus
developing an inventory of Urdu collocations used in poetry. This study has
also explained the association of collocations with the thematic configuration
of the poems. However, the limited corpus is a definite limitation of the
study. Nonetheless, this study will help a lot to the Urdu researchers to open
the new avenues in Urdu research, especially in the genre of Urdu


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