Author Guidelines

Information for Contributors

Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JSSH) strives to be the flagship of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Allama Iqbal Open University and to be a premier journal in the field of social sciences. The journal provides leadership in developing theory and introducing new concepts to its readership. Because Social Sciences is a diverse field, articles should address questions using a variety of methods and theoretical perspectives. JSSH challenges the boundaries of social sciences and humanities research, guiding its readers to new question, new evidence and new conclusions. Articles should be written in a style that is accessible to all social sciences and humanities scholars.

  1. Submissions: Submit two typed or computer-processed double-spaced copies of your manuscript. Manuscripts should by no longer than 6,000 words.
  2. Abstracts and author information: Write an abstract of no more than 200 words. Include author information, academic or professional title and university and departmental affiliation (if any).
  3. Style: Use APA Style (latest ed.) for all manuscripts. In ordinary text, whole numbers from on through ninety-nine are spelled out. However, when normally spelled numbers cluster in a sentence or paragraph, use figures. Use % instead of percent in reference to statistics; for rounded percentages write the word. Underline or italicize name of cities when using newspaper name i.e., New York Times. In endnotes and in book review headings, use postal code abbreviations for states; in regular copy, use traditional abbreviations.
  4. Heading Style: First-level headings are typed in bold italic and justifies left. Second-level headings are indented and typed in bold italic. Third-level headings are indented and typed in italic. Note this example:


            SampleA random sample…..

            Sampling Techniques: These techniques are useful when…..

  1. Tables: When creating tables, use the MS Word table feature. Submissions must be in camera-ready format and include tables, graphs, charts, etc. within the text. Tables and figures should be used only when they substantially aid the reader, not merely because computers make tables easy to create.
  2. Electronic Copy: If your manuscript is accepted, you will be asked to submit the final copy in MS Word format through email to

Reference Instructions


Book with one author

Doniger, W. (1999). Splitting the difference. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Book with two authors

Cowlishaw, G. & R. Dunbar (2000). Primate conservation biology. 2nd ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Chapter or other part of a book

Twaddell, W.F. (1957). ‘Do we want to use the German umlaut? A boring story,’ in: Joos(ed.), Readings in linguistics I. The development of descriptive linguistics in America, 1925-1956, 85-87. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Book, in other language than English, German, French or Spanish

Tsoukalas, K. (1974). Independence and reproduction. The societal role of educational mechanisms in Greece (1830-1922). Athina: Themelio. [In Greek].

Journal article

Picard, R. G. (2002), ‘Research note. Assessing audience performance of public service broadcaster’. European Journal of Communication 17(2): 227-235.

Article in an electronic-only journal. Access data is included parenthetically at the end of the citation.

Halatky, M.A., D. Boothroyd, E. boothroyd, E. Vittinghoff, P. Sharp & M. A. Whooly (2002). ‘Quality-of life and depressive symptoms in postmenopausal women after receiving hormone therapy, Results from the Heart and Estrogen/Progestin Replacement Study (HERS) trial.’ Journal of the American Medical Association 287(5).Available at http:/ [7 January 2002].

Popular magazine article

Martin, S. (2002). ‘Sports-interview shocker.’ New York, May 6, 1984.


Bush, G.W. (2004). ‘A scholar recants on his “Shakespeare” discovery.’ New York Times, June 20, 2007.

Theses and dissertations (no italics)

Doyle, B. (2002). ‘Howling like dogs. Metaphorical language in Psalm 59. ‘Papers presented at the annual international meeting for the Society of Biblical Literature, June 19-22, in Berlin, Germany.

Publication by institute, globally known by its acronym, author is publisher, in-text citation (OECD 1997).

OECD. (1997). Communication Outlook (1997), Paris: OECD

Publication by institute, only short or main name is used. Author is publisher. In-text citation (ABN AMRO 1998; European Commission (1999).

European commission (1999). Europe. An Information Society for all. Communication on Commission initiative for the Special European Council of Lisbon, 23 and 24 March 2000. Brussels: Commission of the European Union. Available at