Effects of Conventional Media Advertisements on Body Image and Self-Esteem among Women in Islamabad


  • Rafia Hassan Independent Media Researcher
  • Tehmina Ashfaq Qazi Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies, Bahria University Islamabad


body image,, thin-ideal,, self-esteem,, advertisements,, internalization,, sociocultural ideals


The purpose of this current study is to explore the effect advertisements have
on the body image and self-esteem of women. Over the years, women have
been represented in a stereotypical manner in advertisements which are
largely focused on beauty ideals and the thin-ideal. This can significantly affect
women’s body image perceptions and self-esteem. This study aims to
investigate how the perceptions of body image and self-esteem of women are
affected by the depiction of appearance ideals, regarding women, in
advertisements. A survey was conducted among 216 women between the ages
of 18 to 30 years old in Pakistan. It was found that advertisements depicting
appearance ideals do effect women’s body image and self-esteem; as well as,
lead to the internalization of sociocultural ideals regarding appearance. This
study found that advertisements caused body dissatisfaction and greater
internalization of sociocultural ideals in women. However, women in this
study reported higher levels of self-esteem, contrary to other research. This
has been attributed to the increased diversity in the representation of
appearance ideals and exposure to moderate-size models. In conclusion, this
research confirms the significant effect advertisements have on how young
Pakistani women perceive their body image and self-worth.


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