Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines (Click to download file for offline use)


  1. There is no publication fee of any kind charged from the authors. Submit your paper via email to:
  2. Prepare and submit your paper in MS Word format; 2 inch margins (top, left, right) and 1.75
    inch from bottom, black toner, Times New Roman, 12 size font for text/body with single line
    spacing, justified paragraphs; 0.25” indentation to each paragraph; no space between
    paragraphs; 6 point space before every heading in the body of paper.
  3. All pages should be top-right numbered as header 1.6 inch from top, however, hide the page
    number on title page of the paper. Different headers for even and odd pages should also be
    used. Footnote(s) with Arabic numerals should be used for author(s) detail. See the published
    papers of IJoLIS for example.
  4. All authors should write their full names in straight order without titles along with their
    institution name, city, and country on the title page. The first author should also write his/her
    email address as he/she will be considered the principal and corresponding author.
  5. No article should exceed 5000 words inclusive of everything. Maximum two authors can be
    included in one paper. However, this condition may be relaxed in case of lab research where
    a group of researchers may involve to invent/develop new products.
  6. A structured abstract as per Emerald journals’ style should be given comprising maximum
    250-300 words. Try to complete the abstract on first page of the article including author
  7. Use APA6 Style Manual for headings, tables, figures, citations, references, and appendices.
    However, table number and caption should be written in one line. No table or figure should
    exceed beyond one page (you may change the font style and size to fit it on one page),
    however, if it exceeds, place it as appendix after the references. Always give in parenthesis (n
    = ???) after table or figure caption, where applicable. All parts in a figure should be grouped.
    Use Tables in lieu of Shapes and hide unwanted lines. Either use Table or Figure, not both,
    for the same data, preferably Table.
  8. Check your paper in Turnitin for plagiarism before submitting it to the IJoLIS for
    consideration. The similarity index should not exceed 15% excluding title of paper, author(s)
    details, keywords, citations, acknowledgements, references/bibliography, and appendices.
  9. Papers will be selected by a process of peer review, with double-blind review of each paper.
    However, preference will be given to papers that literally contribute to knowledge
    innovatively. Quantitative studies using a small sample (e.g. less than 100) and with merely
    frequency counts and descriptive statistics will be least preferred. Hence, use in-depth
    analysis of data to draw conclusions.
  10. If your first language is not English, get your paper proofread by a language expert before
    submitting it to the IJoLIS. Avoid unnecessary capitalization.
  11. See some examples below.
  12. Headings and their Three Levels (Do not number your headings)
    Flush Left, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading
    Flush Left, Italicized, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading
    Flush Left, Italicized, lowercase paragraph heading
  13. Tables and Figures as per APA style manual. However, either give Table or Figure, not both, for the same data, preferably Table. See IJoLIS published papers (latest volume) for example.

14. Title Page and Author(s) Detail

See IJoLIS published papers (latest volume)

15. Abstract (for both Research and Review Papers)
Research limitation(s):
Key finding(s):
Practical implication(s):
Contribution to knowledge:
Paper type:

16. Elements of Research Paper
Introduction/Background (Give only one)
Objectives/Research Questions/Hypotheses (Give only one)
Literature Review
Appendix(es), if any

17. Elements of Review Paper
Introduction/Background (Give only one)
Appendix(es), if any
For more detail on review paper: