Ether based Schiff bases- potential antimicrobial agents


  • Muhammad Shabbir, Zareen Akhter, Hammad Ismail, Bushra Mirza, Amina Basharat


Schiff bases, antifungal, cytotoxic, potato disc antitumor, DNA damage assays.


A series of Schiff bases 4-((4-phenoxyphenylimino)methyl)phenol(HL1),4-((4-(biphenyl-4-
yloxy)phenylimino)methyl)phenol(HL2),4-((4-(naphthalen-1-yloxy)phenylimino)methyl)Phenol(HL3),4-((4- (naphthalen-2-yloxy)phenylimino)methyl)phenol(HL4) were synthesized from 4- hydroxybenzaldehyde and primary amines(1-amino-4-phenoxybenzene , 4-(4-aminophenyloxy) biphenyl , 1-(4-aminophenoxy) naphthalene and 2-(4-aminophenoxy) naphthalene). The manufactured compounds were characterized by elemental, mass spectrometric and spectroscopic (FTIR, NMR) techniques. These Schiff bases were then further evaluated for
various biological studies (antifungal, cytotoxicity, antitumor and free radical hydroxyl (∙OH) induced DNA
damage assays) to examine their bioactive nature. Antifungal activity of the compounds was determined against Fusarium solani and Mucor species and the results exhibited that most of the compounds are active against Mucor
species while only HL4 showed antifungal activity against both strain. The results of brine shrimp cytotoxicity assay were found highly significant with LD50 in the range of 0.41-0.70µg/ml as compared with Doxorubicin. Similarly, in antitumor assay the prominent activity was recorded in IC50 range of 13.20-27.75µg/ml. Moreover, the biological investigations have shown their bioactive nature in protecting DNA against hydroxyl free radicals (∙OH) in concentration dependent manner.