About the Journal

Dirayat is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary Journal dedicated to the scholarly study & publication of original research on all aspects & disciplines of Islam including Qur’an,  HadithTafsir,  Sirah, ‘Ilm al-Kalam, Jurisprudence,  Fiqh, Law, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Culture, Civilization, Political Science, Economics, Language, Literature, History, international relations, environmental issues, as well as ethical issues related to scientific research; employing both empirical and theoretical analysis. It particularly welcomes work of an interdisciplinary nature that brings together history, religion, politics, culture and law.  The Journal has a special focus on contemporary Islamic Thought.

The Journal aims to:

  • Publication of research articles containing rigorous intellectual analysis and the insights rooted in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) while addressing contemporary aspects of Islam and Muslims.
  • To raise the analytical level of discourse in the Muslim scholarly community, and to work for a consensus on issues which the Muslim Ummah is concerned.
  • Provide an active forum for the discussion of new ideas, challenging views, and methodological and theoretical approaches to Muslim life.
  • Speed up the process of sharing knowledge and ideas on Islam, its tradition & its so many facets using the medium of Internet, with the capacity to store, share information and exchange ideas electronically within seconds.
  • Provide a forum for the study of Islam and Muslim societies in their global context.
  • Encourage interaction among academics from various traditions of learning & interdisciplinary studies of the Islamic world that are cross-national and cross-cultural & explore the relationship between Islam and its contemporary cultural.


Authors may use their own material in other publications provided that the Journal is acknowledged as the original place of publication and Oxford University Press is notified in writing and in advance.

Loanwords accepted in English usage should be spelled in accordance with the standard dictionaries. Other foreign words must conform to the transliteration system shown in the transliteration table of Islamic Studies.

The Editor reserves the right to copy-edit and make necessary alterations to the material contributed for publication. The Editor also reserves the right to modify or omit the material deemed inappropriate for publication. Responsibility for the opinions expressed in the articles and for the accuracy of the stated facts rests solely with the authors and not with the Islamic Research Institute or the Editorial Committee.