Plight of Fundamental Facilities in Government schools of Faisalabad


  • Shafqat Rasool


Facilities, Missing, Public, School


The present study was designed to investigate the plight of the basic
facilities in Government schools situated in district Faisalabad. The study
was delimited to the schools of sub division Jaranwala. The purpose of this
study was to find out the present status of basic facilities in schools along
with difference of basic facilities in locality, gender, and level wise schools
of Jaranwala. A total of 60 schools were selected as sample through
stratified sampling technique. The research study was survey type as
research method. Self-constructed Likert scale was used as research
instrument to collect data. The data were analyzed by using Chi square
test. The study concluded that majority of the schools faced same issues
regarding shortage of basic facilities such as shortage of sufficient facility
of toilets, drinking water, classrooms, furniture, staff, labs etc. The
condition of schools in cities are much better than schools in rural areas.


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