JCMS 2023-01-31T07:04:44+05:00 Dr. Mubashar Hassan Zia Open Journal Systems <p>Journal of Contemporary Management Sciences</p> Do or Die: A Challenging State for Strategic Leaders in Globalization 2023-01-31T04:11:25+05:00 Muhammad Mahboob Khurshid, Muhammad Nouman Shafique & Hussain Ahmad <p align="justify">In this world where everything has become globalized,<br>organizations are facing problems towards sustaining market<br>shares, maintaining profits, higher Return on Assets and<br>Investments. These challenges force the leaders to become<br>strategic leaders and to adopt useful strategies to gain competitive<br>advantages compared to other firms in the market. Moreover, the<br>current emerging issue in globalization is creating and adopting<br>innovative culture in organizations for stable market shares. This<br>study analyzes the influence of Strategic Leadership trait on<br>Organizational Performance having a moderating role of<br>Innovativeness. Telecom sector of Pakistan is focused and a<br>sample size of 300 employees of Mobilink and Zong Franchises in<br>Lahore is taken. Results confirm the influence of Strategic<br>Leadership on Organizational Performance. Also, this endorses<br>that innovativeness has a strong influence on the relationship.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+05:00 Copyright (c) 2023 JCMS Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Sector of Pakistan 2023-01-31T07:04:44+05:00 Muhammad Majid Mahmood Bagram, Rehmat Ullah & Salman Farooq <p>The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the important factors that link with customer satisfaction in telecom sector of Pakistan, which are in the form of service quality and customer satisfaction. A research field was conducted. The questionnaire was taken from existing constructs in the relevant field. The majority of respondent belong to non-business mobile users of Pakistan. Answer of the research questions were tested through reliability test and statistical analysis. The service quality dimensions namely billing system, pricing structure and customer services have positive significant influence on customer satisfaction. Future study could examine inertia, trust and the attractiveness of alternatives. Moreover, future research can take place as the mediating role of possible switching costs and the inter link between services quality and customer satisfaction. The drives of the customer satisfaction in Telecom sector are very important for mobile operators. The present research is very useful for managers of Telecom sector company to implement the customer satisfaction strategies to improve their business and profit level.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+05:00 Copyright (c) 2016 JCMS