About the Journal

Qur’āniyāt(QRT) is a rigorously peer-reviewed trilingual, biannual research journal Qur’āniyāt(QRT) is a rigorously peer-reviewed trilingual, biannual research journal principally dedicated to academic study & publication of original research on various aspects of Qurʾānic studies comprising, Qurʾān, Qurʾānic Sciences, Principles of understanding of the Quran, classical and modern Exegetical trends, principles of exegesis, indigenous, national & international Qurʾānic Studies, Qurʾānic relationship with other disciplines of the Islamic Sciences i.e. Prophetic Tradition(Hadith), Prophetic Biography(Sirah), Jurisprudence(Fiqh), Mysticism(Tasawwuf), History, Economics, etc.,  multi & interdisciplinary studies of the Qurʾān and exegeses, internal and external contemporary issues in line with the Qurʾān, Qurʾānic perspective concerning the other historical and modern theories & disciplines and Qurʾānic worldview for the sustainability of the human society with the application of the several research methodologies. Qur’āniyāt is an initiative of the Department of Quran and Tafseer, Faculty of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan. QRT publishes articles in English, Arabic, and Urdu, to encourage the bridging of the gap between the three traditions of Arab, Subcontinent, and Western Scholarship as well as to enhance the opportunities for the scholarship having diverse backgrounds.